Masspro-Ferro-Nickel,Masspro Patent-Ferro-Nickel

We are the 1st owners and inventors of the Masspro Ferro Nickel. Masscorp has invented & patented this product.

Recycling of scrap is a vast business all over the world. We at Masscorp have strained hard for finding different ways of generating a quality product with all techno feasibility in the field of recycling scrap in the steel industry as a cost effective solution.


Masspro Ferro Nickel is a product which can be made by a mixture of Nickel scrap and ferrous scrap product and briquetted in a form of bundles without melting, with certifiable composition. Preamble to the Product Description



Nickel is widely used in special steel application when toughness and hard ability is demanded. Pure Nickel is an import commodity. The price of which is controlled by LME and the volatility of price is very high. To site an example, the price of Nickel increased in 2006-2008 from 12000$/tonne to 52000$/tonne. Alloys steel producers faced enormous difficulty in adjusting to
this volatility and recovering it from the end users. One of the alternatives to address this volatility is by recycling Nickel based scrap.

Nickel based scrap is generated mostly from stainless steel tooling application alloys used in mining, drilling, hot die application etc. These are solid rods, blocks, rolls, and drills etc. which are used for re-melting to recover Nickel available.

However such scrap is generated from

a) Wide geographies.
b) Different compositions depending on different applications.
c) Individual collection centers cannot generate adequate quantity of known specification scrap as to help alloys steel producers in knowing the input alloy content and controlling the cost.

However this is practiced to some extent. We believed that if we can

a) Generate a known, certifiable Nickel mixed scrap in large quantities.
b) Compact such scrap into chargeable size bundles into furnace.
c) Such bundle, when compacted gives good density – helping the number of charges into the furnace.

It benefits the melting shop In the Electric arc furnace the system that is followed, is to charge virgin Nickel into the liquid ladle @ 16700 C. But this brings down the liquid temperature to 16300 C and it reduces to 15900 C when it reaches refining furnace. Again it has to be heated to 16300 C in refining furnace for around 10 minutes (at the rate of 4 to 50 C/minute)

Whereas, if this Nickel can be added in arc furnace, we save around 10 minutes in every 70 minutes cycle. It is also realized that if we can select Ni-Cr scrap, while preparing this bundles, and charged into arc furnace, the chrome recovery comes to 80-85% of input, for chrome, while nickel recovery is close to 100%. Chrome scrap when charged directly into Arc furnace, has got a tendency to get oxidized during arcing and the recovery goes down to 30%. Hence melters prefer to charge virgin Ferro chrome into Refining furnace and gain recovery but lose time to bring up temperature of liquid metal.

This time loss and usage of costly virgin Ferro chrome can be done away with chrome scrap when added into the scrap mix before compacting.Nickel & Chrome combination is the highest consumption in the Alloys steel industry and this innovative product shall
help the industry to

a) Use recycled product.
b) Save Cost.
c) Save time.



Product Specification

Ni 1.5% - 5% max
Chrome 4.25% - 8% max
Balance Fe



Conclusion: - Our claim on our Product.
a) Cost effective on material & conversion cost.
b) Completely derived from recycling of scrap.
c) From scrap (unknown specification) to certifiable specification.
d) Productivity increase due to possible change in melting practice.
e) Usable by all process owners be it Arc- Induction- Dilution routes.